The partnership aims to provide the local and international business market with high quality efficient professional services, commodities and products. In Services we focus on Business Development, Management Consulting, Management Audit and BPR (Business Project Reengineering, IT optimization), in Commercial Activities we promote value for money goods, in Alternative Energy projects we propose optimization of waste management solutions and utilization and in Productions we focus on local strong characteristics binding with current market needs.

Nowadays, with asymmetric economies in the world of globalism, with uncertainty, lack of trust and continuous struggle for exploitation οf natural sources and energy supplies, tensions increase, under the pressure of serious economic difficulties, which need new solutions and approaches. In this international economic environment, considering the creation of economic value a primary need for all companies and management the complex procedure of achieving it, we focus on systematically analyzing the most important components in business strategies, whilst continuously looking for innovative ideas and adaptation of procedures to regional needs.

We view our future clients as equally cooperating business partners and adjust our proposals to aim specific needs with long-term solutions. Tailor- made tools and techniques are developed and the recent introduction of systemic methods in analyzing projects with them, intend helping the implementation of workable solutions for mutual benefit.

The business world today requests collaborations to be fast, direct, simple and to the point. To this effect, the company’s attitude is focusing on business that supports decision-makers in taking measurable actions, defining and reaching realistic targets.

The Advanced Concept is open to new activities and contains uncompromising ethic rules. Each individual partner has precise business proposals and is ready to share his ideas for team development and common profit. The concept does not limit its entrepreneurial activities to supportive services, but also extends to a “hands on” attitude and direct involvement in projects when this is necessary.

We use international resources to support our business partnerships and apply innovation wherever needed. We seek best value for money activities and healthy profitability, whilst remaining open to new proposals and cooperations.

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