• The Bund, Shanghai, China. A controversial symbol of contemporary development

  • Olives, some ripe some not. Nature guiding us to understand the limits of synchronization

  • Olive groves. A wonder for thoughtful cultivation with maximal potential and timeless value

  • Individual Perceptions and Qualifications in positive Cooperating spirits

  • Team Work for multiple solutions, targeting optimum performance in asymmetric situations

  • Thinking Locally and Acting Globally, whilst Viewing Globally and Implementing Locally

Advanced Management Systems was established in 2002.

The idea is to incorporate under a common concept, multipurpose management activities through a team of individual senior executive specialists, with different profiles, leveraging their knowledge and wishing to promote their accumulated experiences in the highly competitive business consulting market.

Current global economic issues have obliged us to diversify and expand in other fields too, So we expanded our activities to include:

Information Tech, Commerce & Sales Mediating, Alternative Energy related solutions and Primary Productions and Cultivations.

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