LogosneekysnailSnails were and are a very healthy and popular delicacy which is mostly consumed in the French, Italian and German food industry but also in many other counrties in the world. Most big production farms are located in France, Italy, Hungary, countries which traditionally also have extensive know how. In recent years production farms have also been set up in many other countries, such as Cyprus, Bulgaria, FYROM and Greece.

Specifically in Greece, which is the area of our main activities development, production farms have sprouted in the last 4 years – unofficial data mention over 300 farms all over Greece – since the climate attributes and them soil features favor such investments.

Using the same approximate concept as with Olive Oil, we developed a pilot plant to study the possibility of large scale productions, whilst seeking synergies between producers, using similar and measurable production specifications, to collect a tradable quantity, with obvious quality attributes.

The main idea of the project is to introduce the product in more markets, which do not have snails in their cultural diet, including the local Greek market, as well as offering the product directly to consumers with reasonable prices and secure quality specifications.

The project is ongoing, however at a slow pace, as the general economic situation does not favor neither producers nor consumers. Our intention is to operate on a coordinating scheme with other SME producers, with direct access to the end market and consumer.

Suggestions, ideas and synergies proposals are welcome, any time.

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