Through accumulated knowledge and experiences on the field, we undertake projects and propose solutions for creating or improving IT systems and Internet Promoted Activities.

We first collect all necessary information and review existing systems before undertaking any project. Through systemic approaches and detailed studies, we propose what we believe is the optimum solution for our business partners. We do not try to oversell commodities or convincing them to use unnecessary technology, but trying to find the most functional and appropriate value for money tools, to be used in benefit of entrepreneurial - ship.

Should the requirement of any project exceed our knowledge and capacity, we are always ready to recommend an appropriate 3rd party cooperation, after very strict and in depth research, maintaining an advisory role or/and the project management and implementation of the IT project.

We have been involved in projects that include ERP implementation procedures, BPR, Web designing and e-shops as well as ordinary systems maintenance and upgrading.

We shall be glad to listen to your ideas and technological expectations and guide you through the most workable solution for your activities.

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