apoeliaThrough this activity we are planning to highlight the extended values of every derivative of Olive Tree cultivation, from planting an olive tree to the completion of its life cycle. So we are being very optimistic, perhaps exceeding our capacity and limits, since the oldest olive tree on earth dates more than … 2014 years ago!  (See also )

Initially we plan to collect all excess olive oil productions of traditional small producers, classify them by species and quality, certifying them and presenting them in the market through our commercial logo at a reasonable price, and most import, making them accessible to any consumer.

Later on, the plan consists of creating new mixtures and labels of olive oil mentioning the full specifications of the product and the species’ contained also introducing sub products and any other product that is based on olives and olive trees.

Ultimately we shall try to contribute in making the Olive Tree and its products’ the leading National Product of Greece through the collaboration with all public and private institutions that already exist, supporting their revelant activities.

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