Consulting activities


Business Development

Many individuals, entrepreneurs and companies have either new investment ideas or wish to expand their business in new fields, but either lack the means and know how of the procedures or the necessary tools to start up their new activities.

Advanced Management Systems, working through systemic procedures, analyzes potential projects and provides solutions for the development and implementation of such projects. More specifically our team undertakes new investment concepts and / or business expansion projects, such as production of new commodities and services, creation of local and international sales networks and opening of new markets. We and develop in cooperation with the interested parties the business plan and implementation of these projects.

Management Consulting

Our support services aim to aligning new business structures with market requirements, increasing the efficiency of processes, optimizing management tools and ensuring the sustainability of motivation and efficiency. On a project basis, we consult and support owners and decision-makers in dynamic markets to adapt to fast-changing environments. Our services include Financial and Administrative support, Human Resources Management, Structuring and Organizing departments, marketing and sales from different view points, merges acquisitions.

Management Auditing

Management Audit is a systemic approach and methodology dealing with the definition of management capabilities. Detecting the potential in development of management and staff levels, this tool defines the optimization of procedures and the use of human resources. The intention is to complement the quantitative analysis of the company's actual and future performance with the key human aspects to be elaborated.

Management Audit also provides Senior Management with comprehensive support for future decisions in the areas of structure, organization and individuals. The main issue is to improve the efficiency of procedures and human capacities, in view of leveraging opportunities for the managerial team and finally realigning human resources with company strategy.

Performance Improvement

Through this service line Advanced Management Systems provides companies with the option to give employers and employees the opportunity for further improvement. Tailor-made training courses, personal coaching and education programs fit to client's needs with impressive results. In times of constant changes the human capital needs innovative thinking, self esteem and motivation to be able to follow the strategic changes, necessary for ensuring growth and profitability. Highly experienced trainers and facilitators with more than fifteen years experience in various fields of FMCG, Industry, Banking, Health Care, Automotive, Services, Financial Services and IT, guarantee the success of high return on investment.

Human Resources Selection

This specialized service is part of our Management Consulting Services. In this respect we provide our cooperating partners with advice and solutions by monitoring the human recourses market and evaluating all kinds of vacancies, finding the right candidates for the right position at the right time.

Our team is always ready to attract motivated employees, talents and leaders on behalf of our cooperating companies. In-depth understanding of markets, cultures and national - regional characteristics along with our steady commitment to support success, lead to satisfaction and loyalty for both parties involved: the employer and the actual candidate and future employee.
We care for long lasting relationships with strong personal and long-term ties. Thus we optimize the use of management techniques for human resources development, while maintaining respect for the individual.

Possessing awareness and being equally sensitive towards our clients' and candidates' needs, we achieve a position of trust, leading to a fair balance of interests.


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