Through working in the free market we have often come upon problems related to distortion of prices for products that are of common use or just simply basic goods which are overpriced, either through excessive marketing practices or through speculative methods.

This often happens either with local productions that pass through many promotional stages or with imported products that are overvalued, or even worse, re imported after receiving branding features from abroad.

A typical case of such distortions exists in the Olive Oil market as well as other products like Bottled water, Beers, Wines, Honey and so on.

While respecting the market rules our effort focuses on proving genuine quality products mostly from Greece but also from other countries, at value for money prices. In this activity we try to bring essential and basic products to consumers at a cost plus ONE profit margin concept, i.e the added value of the product from the producer to the market is shared amongst all intermediates who participate in its promotion.

Thus we are ready to accept requests for any goods, from raw products of the primary sector to manufactured goods and services, provided these follow the certification procedures and market’s requests.

The startup of this activity begins with very characteristic Greek primary production products such as Olive Oil of all grades, Olives, Wines, Spirits, Honey, Ready-made Salads, Dairy products and Cheeses, but we do stop there, always ready to search further for specific requests and needs.

So we are there to respond to your requests and promise we shall do our best to secure for you, optimum quality vs prices. Please do not hesitate to submit your queries through our contact form.

In due time, we shall also propose special deals through very specific offers directly from our cooperating business partners and our e-shop which is being elaborated (

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